Monday, September 3, 2012

A Very Victorianesque Halloween

by Megan S.

It's September 3 today.  Do you know what that means?!   There are only 57 more days till HALLOWEEN!  My favorite holiday has been on my mind since July but now that it's less than two months away, I can finally talk about it incessantly.  I've got all sort of things planned for you guys including free spooky printables and how-to guides to throwing your own creepy Victorianesque All Hallows Eve, but we'll get to that in the coming weeks.  Today, we're gonna ease into the holiday with a few fun reproductions and Victorian-inspired jewelry and decorations from the Victorian Trading Company.

Which is your favorite?

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  1. The cobra bracelet - WANT! Also the bobby pins.

  2. Little skull ballerina shoes!!!

    And my birthday a scant 2 weeks before Halloween I MUST have them.