Monday, August 13, 2012

The Best of Chicago Comic Con 2012

by Sara N.

Pictured: The world's most adorable Doctor Who cosplay.

Wizard World's Chicago Comic Con hit the Windy City last week and brought with it a host of geeky panels and inspired cosplayers, plus countless booths of vendors selling comics, action figures, t-shirts and more. Read on for highlights from the event, including the best cosplayers, snippets of news from the panels, and a short Stan Lee video.

Cosplay highlights 

(With apologies for the terrible quality pics. iPhones, man.)

Who knew Cyclops and Batgirl were such a cute couple?

Talking to one of the comics artists in attendance.

The Doctor seems awfully chummy with that Dalek ...

I'm not sure what that was, but it creeped me out every time I turned a corner and it was there. 

Abe Sapien and Hellboy.

Loving the Lady Loki.

I love that you can't tell whether a person's dressed as the Punisher, or just wearing a Punisher t-shirt.

An impressive werewolf.

Too expensive to even contemplate touching.

So sad this pic didn't turn out! The license plate is VADER, and the stickers are Star Wars, House Stark and ... the Washington Redskins?
Panel highlights

These were all new tidbits to me, although I'm sure many fans know some of these already.

The Stan Lee Q&A

  • Lee's favorite movie cameo is the one he just filmed for the upcoming Iron Man 3, but he refused to spill any details.
  • He said he'd love to do a USO tour because members of the military often seek him out at his public appearances, although no one from the USO has ever asked him to participate. If they ever ask, he'll say yes. "It's hard to say no to the USO," he said.
  • Lee wishes he'd been the one to create some of the popular Marvel characters such as Deadpool and Wolverine. And his creation Juggernaut has no deep meaning. "I just wanted a character who can run into things. He's really pretty simple."
  • Lee fell in love with his wife at first sight. He'd been set up on a blind date with a model, and his wife was the woman who answered his date's door when he knocked. He said she had the face and figure he'd been drawing in his comics for years, and he was instantly smitten. He and his wife, Joan, have been married since 1947.
  • Overall, Lee was a wry, energetic jokester at his appearance, as you can see in the video below:

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer Q&A featuring James Marsters (Spike), Juliet Landau (Drusilla), Amy Acker (Fred/Illyria), Amber Benson (Tara), Camden Toy (a Gentleman/Ubervamp/Gnarl) and Doug Jones (a Gentleman, also Abe Sapien from Hellboy and the faun in Pan's Labyrinth

  • An audience member asked each panel member to identify his or her favorite Whedon episode. Acker picked Angel's "A Hole in the World," Marsters and Benson chose Buffy's musical episode, "One More, With Feeling," and Toy and Jones chose Hush.
  • Benson said she'd love to return to Supernatural, perhaps in Purgatory, but nothing is in the works. And she said she'd be glad to return not just because Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are easy on the eyes but also because they're lovely to work with.
  • As Buffy was getting started, Landau was cast first, and Marsters was hired after he and Landau's chemistry exploded during their first test read. 
  • Acker and Marsters loved working with the late Andy Hallett (Lorne). He'd have everyone laughing too hard to film their scenes.
  • Nobody pulled many pranks on the Buffy set. The days were too long, and the cast worked too hard. If anyone tried, they were quickly shut down.
  • Toy and Jones are shooting a movie together, Monster School.
  • Jones is about to become a regular on Falling Skies, although he couldn't say who or what he'd be playing.
  • Spike and Drusilla have often been compared to Sid and Nancy, and Landau said she always considered herself Sid, prompting Marsters to happily chirp that he's a Nancy.
  • When an audience members asked Marsters which Whedon pairing had the best chemistry, he responded that Spike and Dru did. But when Acker gave a playful protest, he quickly added, "Oh, and Spike and Fred."
  • At a solo Q&A earlier in the week, Marsters agreed to sing a bit from the musical episode. He got through "I died so many years ago," and the audience lost it. (So sorry; I have no video!)

The Jon Bernthal Q&A with surprise guest Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead's Shane and Darryl, respectively)

  • Bernthal never considered Shane to be a villain or a bad guy. He said Shane did what he had to do to protect the people he loved.
  • Bernthal would love to return to The Walking Dead in a flashback/dream sequence, but nothing is in the works. He says he's close to all of the cast.
  • When Bernthal answers Reedus' phone calls, Reedus responds with, "What's up, fuckerrrrrr?" (I know this because Bernthal put it on speakerphone and held it up to the microphone.)
  • Many of the fight scenes aren't carefully choreographed. Instead the actors say to one another, "I trust you not to hurt me too bad."
  • Reedus and Bernthal joked that Carl will be on a leash next season, then Reedus said that Chandler Riggs (Carl) is doing amazing work in the filming of the new season.
  • When an adorable little moppet of a girl in the audience asked Bernthal how he'd kill her if she were a zombie, Bernthal immediately said, "I don't want to kill you, sugar." Then after a beat, he offered, "But you're small, so I wouldn't waste a bullet."
And that's it for Chicago Comic Con this year. We'll do this again in 2013, OK?
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