Thursday, August 2, 2012

Raising a Glass to Gunmetal Magic

by Kathy F.

Gunmetal Magic is here! This latest edition to the Kate Daniels universe places Andrea Nash front and center. Andrea is screwed up - she lost her job with the Order and her relationship with Raphael is in the crapper. Good thing she has her bestie Kate Daniels and a job with Kate's PI firm, Cutting Edge.  In the dangerous world of Post-Shift Atlanta it isn't long before people are dead and Andrea is on the case. Of course, the case has to involve Raphael's company. Cue all kinds of fireworks.

Where Kate has her sword, Andrea favors projectile weaponry. Guns, crossbows, long bows - she's a deadly shot. With years of training and experience, Andrea is a formidable opponent. She also keeps a towel in her emergency kit because "I had once read a book that said a traveler should always have one and it made a lot of sense." Andrea has full bookshelves, mostly holding copies of her favorite romance novels. Hitchhiker's Guide and shirtless pirates - me and her could talk books.

The Georgia Peach Iced Tea Andrea drinks in the book would probably set my throat on fire, so I asked Ilona Andrews what Andrea would drink to celebrate her book's release. She responded "Strawberry Mojitos" so here's Andrea's Strawberry Bullet Mojito.

I used to have a fully stocked bar. Then I had kids and I usually don't want to do more than pop the cap off (thank you twist top wines), so I'm more of a beer or wine drinker. Funny enough, most of the parents I know are the same way. I also tend to wing it. If you are a professional bartender, look away!

My Bartenders Bible is in a box somewhere, so I googled strawberry mojitos and found a couple of recipes.  My favorite ended up being the one from We Are Not Martha (cute blog BTW, there are some recipes I want to try). Of course, I started there, but as I am always in the habit of making things as quick as possible (in between refereeing the current air bending battles), I skipped making the simple syrup and substituted a spoonful of sugar.

Here's what I have: half a lime, a spoonful of sugar, couple of ounces of white rum (yes, it's the cheapest I could find), club soda, a palmful of mint leaves, 4 strawberries cut up (with extra for snacking), and ice cubes. Like the blog, I used a reamer instead of a muddler (have to go with the multitaskers, thank you, Alton Brown).

I chose the bullet ice cubes from Thinkgeek. I think Andrea would approve.

Every sentence I've started about reaming strawberries and mint leaves sounds like bad erotica. You get the picture.

Supposedly I was to muddle the strawberries and mint leaves first, but I just chucked everything except  the rum, club soda and ice in a glass and mixed it together. Then I added the rum, about 2 ounces, club soda and ice. I used more than a splash of club soda. Add yours to taste. I'm not a big fan of crushed ice in drinks (I prefer my margaritas on the rocks, for instance), so I just added the whole ice cubes at the end. There's going to be bits of mint and strawberry floating around. If you can't deal, you could try straining it. I actually left some larger strawberries in and let them soak in the drink. They were pretty yummy.

And here it is, Andrea's Strawberry Bullet Mojito. You could fancy it up with some mint leaves or a cut strawberry on the rim. Tasty and oh so good for kicking back with an awesome summer read. Like Gunmetal Magic!

*Yes, I am a ginormous fan of the Kate Daniels series. It kicks ass. You should read it.
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  1. What an awesome post, Kathy! This is so much fun! I think I'm gonna have to start asking authors what cocktail their heroine would drink.

    1. Thanks! A bartenders bible based on our favorite genre characters - we need to make this happen!

  2. Toss the whole shebang in the blender (or Bullet!) with some ice and you wouldn't have to worry about little bits of mint leaves and whatnot floating around. I have a phobia of things in my drinks having choked on a lemon seed once.