Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Career Choice: Libriomancer!

What would you do if you could reach into any book and pull out fictional items? Would you quickly find a Doctor Who novelization and get your very own Sonic Screwdriver? Dig out a Harry Potter book to get your very own time turner? Maybe reach inside a Douglas Adams novel and pull out the good ol' Guide?

If you're anything like me, you've dreamed of being able to do these things since you were a little kid. Books have always had a special magic and if we could only harness it... well, I promise I'd only use my powers for good and the occasional evil, I swear.

Sadly, such power over books exists only IN a book, the newest book by Jim C. Hines called Libriomancer. Forget what I said about wanting to be Sailor Moon, I officially want to be Isaac Vainio!

Following in the footsteps of Harry Dresden and Atticus O'Sullivan, Isaac is a mild-mannered geeky guy with a fondness for long duster jackets, being nerdy and having a special talent that saves his ass time and time again. He's a reject from a group that no longer wants him, a lone wolf on a righteous path.

Isaac is snarky, funny and smart. He's easy to relate to. Most importantly, he has the best magical talent in the entire world. Isaac is a libriomancer, and he can remove objects from books and use them.

Let that sink in for a moment. Daydream about all the things in books you want, that you could use to make your life more awesome. Isaac can grab them all and then some. His gift comes with a price though, his sanity and his life. Minor things, really!

A wee herd of Smudges! In my head, of course...
Libriomancer follows the adventures of Isaac as he tries to figure out who (or what) is trying to kill all the other libriomancers. Armed with a brown coat (of course!) full of paperbacks and his trusty fire-spider sidekick Smudge (who, in my head, looks like one of those little black soot creatures from Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away), Isaac must find out who wants him dead and why. Did I mention there were vampires? There are vampires. It's awesome.

The book is a quick read, full of action and heavy on geeky touches. I loved Isaac and Smudge. Isaac's buxom female friend, Lena Greenwood, was a little bit harder to love. She has a fascinating backstory that left me with a bit of a hinky feeling. Hines takes pains to fully explain her background, and it is both interesting and a little heartbreaking. The vampires are amazing, with many different types represented. I love how Hines took so many different mythologies and made it work.
Jim C. Hines: Genius

The best thing about this book is Hines himself. You can tell he truly loves every geeky thing he describes. It never once feels hokey or pandering. It's just one nerd going "wouldn't this be awesome?!" to another nerd. He's passionate and it shows throw in the novel.

I won't spoil anything, you just have to go and read the book. You won't be disappointed. If you love books, this is a must-read. Libriomancer is a fun, fascinating tale and I simply can not WAIT for more!

Libriomancer is available at all fine bookstores, as well as on your e-reader (though that defeats the purpose since this is a story about the magic in paper books). Go to Jim's website to read the first whole chapter of the book!
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  1. Reading Libriomancer this weekend - so much fun! I'm usually not a big spider person, but I <3 Smudge. Really like how vamps are depicted/used here.