Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wookie Chic

I'm a huge fan of "subtle cosplay". I love objects that look everyday and mundane to people who aren't "in the know", as it were. I love t-shirts with fake logos from companies that only exist in movies or jewelry that is a subtle copy of something a magical girl in an anime wears. While I may never have the confidence or sewing ability to go to a con dressed completely as my favorite characters, I still get a kick out of the fact that I have a broach I wear to work that could transform me into Sailor Moon if my life choices ever brought me to a place where the fate of the world rested solely on my shoulders.

With that being said, I am currently worshipping at the feet of the ever awesome Thinkgeek, the best online store for all your geeky needs. It's like the S-Mart of the nerd world. Need a pizza cutter that looks like the starship Enterprise? They've got that! Perhaps you require a pair of chopsticks that resemble a certain Xenomorph? Thinkgeek has you covered!

This time, though, Thinkgeek has outdone themselves. Have you ever wanted to dress like a wookie but also carry around all your important documents and electronics? If your answer isn't "heck yeah", I don't know if we can be friends.

Introducing the limited edition Chewbacca messenger bag. The strap is designed to look like the bandolier of a certain famous wookie and that makes this bag drop dead awesome. What began as a Comic-Con exclusive is now on the Thinkgeek site for a limited time. While $74.99 feels steep for a messenger bag, it does come with the ability to turn you into a wookie who always wins. It's faux leather and big enough to carry your laptop in. What more could you want?

Did I mention it turns you into a WOOKIE?

Subtle cosplay, my friends. Shop smart, shop Thinkgeek.

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  1. My household owns the Enterprise-shaped pizza cutter. It's way too pretty to use. :)