Tuesday, July 31, 2012

#UrbanFantasyProblems From the Writers

by Megan S.

Last week, Chelsea from Vampire Book Club and I introduced you to #UrbanFantasyProblems and we asked some of our very favorite Urban Fantasy authors to write a few of their own.  I've been giggling for a week straight reading the jokes sent in by Seanan McGuire of the October Daye series, Incryptid novels, and the Newsflesh series as Mira Grant; Cassie Alexander of the Nightshifted series; Karina Cooper  of The St. Croix Chronicles and A Dark Mission novels; Cecy Robson of The Weird Girls Series; Stacey Jay of the Annabelle Lee series and Megan Berry novels; and Shiloh Walker of the Grimm's Circle series, The Hunters novels, and Blade Song as JC Daniels.  Now, it's finally your turn to read 'em and weep from laughter!

Want more #UrbanFantasyProblems?  Find ones written by Chelsea and I on Stellar Four and Vampire Book Club as wells as ones submitted by the readers here.
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  1. I am OUTRAGED at the exclusion of Laurel K. Hamilton.

    "Richard wants to move in, but where will I ever keep my leather wardrobe and collection of lovers?"