Monday, July 2, 2012

Superheroes: They're Just Like Us

by Megan S.

It might not seem like it when they're flying around saving the world again without a single hair out of place, but superheroes are just like us.  Really.  They go out for shawarma, have sibling rivalries and bromances, and even have awkward parts of their childhoods forever immortalized on film.

I've dug around; filed all the appropriate FOIA requests; consulted with Rupert Murdoch on how to properly tap a phone; had a nice cup of tea with countless Meemaws, grandmothers, and doting aunties; and found some truly embarrassing childhood photos of our most recent favorite superheroes.  So, now, for your viewing/schadenfreude pleasure...

Even everyone's favorite shaggy blue scientist from the X-Men had to suffer through haircuts by their mothers.

Ghost Rider may be so intimidating that he even urinates fire (I personally think he should see a doctor about that.  It can be a sign of an urinary tract infection or several STDs.) but he's obviously had a number of youthful indiscretions including frosting his hair.

Green Lantern may be perfection in a suit made of energy but there was a time even he needed braces.

I've been told by a confidential source (definitely not from his Aunt May while eating cookies in her darling kitchen, why would you even think that just because we text back and forth all the time?!?) that Spidey was a bit of a Comic-Con attending fanboy before being bitten by a radioactive spider.

I just don't know where to start when it comes to the Avengers.  How does Colonel Fury keep this motley crew in check?  Maybe it would be best to discuss them individually.

Sure Iron Man may be a genius playboy philanthropist billionaire, but that didn't save him from being a victim to 1980s fashion in Shermer, Illinois.

I find it comforting to know that even the Hulk looked sorta dorky in his yearbook photo.

Oh, Hawkeye. No.

I gotta admit, this photo of the Black Widow makes me like her more.  Who hasn't hid behind a bush with their dorky BFF hiding from someone?

And finally, Gotham's own Dark Night and the anti-hero Catwoman aren't immune to embarrassing childhood photos.  Just look...

Catwoman is certainly elegant, sexy, and snarky now but there was a time she was the epitome of awkward.

I would like to know why Alfred didn't insist young Master Bruce wear a suit that actually fit.

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