Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pinterest Fun (from a Newbie)

by Kathy F.
From weknowmemes
I resisted the lure of Pinterest. I tried, plugging my ears to the siren song, however posts such as this Guide to Pinterest by Megan and subsequent "Best of" posts pushed me over the edge.

I am a pretty new Pinterest addict, and I am enjoying it immensely: food, crafts, photos, clothes and The Funny. But you don't want to read my ruminations on the joys of pinning. Let's get to the good stuff (and it was SO hard to just pick a few).

Fossil Cookies from Martha Stewart

Vintage map dress from annex
Hello Kitty pies from i-heart-baking

Mina Gown from RomanticThreads
Robot Tea Infuser from ModCloth

Because some days you just need this. From 9gag

If you are like me and go gaga over book covers, check out All Things Urban Fantasy. All the pretty booksies...

Just found this morning, these evil princesses from The Meta Picture are the awesome.

And here's me.

Do you Pin? What wonders have you found?
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  1. MUHAHAHAH! I have corrupted yet another in the name of Pinterest!

    If you guys are looking for even more people to follow, check out our guide to Pinterest for a whole list of geeks and authors to follow!