Monday, July 2, 2012

Disney: Fat Girls Aren't Fashionable

by Megan S.

Ooops!  The House of Mouse has made a big fashion faux pas with their new Disney Villains Designer Collection.  The line of dolls, accessories, makeup and home items featuring stylish redesigns of six of their evil leading ladies was announced last week.  Cruella, Ursula, Mother Gothel, the Evil Queen, Maleficent, and the Queen of Hearts will all be wearing new gowns inspired by runway fashions and, in the case of Ursula and the Queen of Hearts, new teeny waistlines.

Fat is out and frail is in.

The new line. Ursula's in the middle and the Queen of Hearts is just to the right of her.

Now, you guys know me.  I love Disney's villainesses, I love fashion, and I also rarely get my rant on so I'm sure you'll understand how annoyed I have to be to say...

by MGrigsbyArt
What. The.  Fuck.

Look.  We all know being obese, by which I mean the clinical definition and not just a few pounds overweight, is unhealthy.  It puts a strain on your heart, is a contributing factor to diabetes and other health problems, et cetera.  However, this doesn't mean we should turn a blind eye to the negative impact the redesign will have on the self-esteem of fans.

Mouseketeers, get your ears on 'cause I've got something you need to hear.  Fat girls can be fabulous. 

Just look at Ursula. The part-octopus works that Little Black Dress like no other Disney antagonist.  She took Coco Chanel's advice about accessories to heart with her single gold shell pendant and understated earrings.  Ursula also has a flair for the dramatic with her cherry red lipstick and matching manicure. Face it, she was the height of fashion way before anyone attempted a redo.

Sure, Disney wants a new look for the Villain Designer collection.  I get that.  Ladies like to update their wardrobe.  However, there's no need for a tummy tuck for the Red Queen or Ursula to accomplish this.  Take Heidi Anderson's Ursula in the US regional premiere of Disney's stage production of The Little Mermaid for example.  She sure looks a hell of a lot like the new redesign but without the nipped waist, if you ask me.

So, what exactly is going on at the House of Mouse?  Our friends over at Tor think it might have something to do with the cost of producing the dolls.   The UK's Daily Mail asked for a response but Disney wasn't available for a comment.  What do you think?  Did Disney just let a lot of women down by dumping the fat girls?

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  1. I was super angry when I read/saw pics of what Disney was doing. I agree 100%!! Can we please stop sending the "super skinny to the point it is unhealthy" to all these little girls??? I am so disappointed in Disney, so damn disappointed.

  2. Let's face it. You're more likely to see voluptuous females anywhere in the world, with the exception of the world of fashion. Disney is trying to make a buck and, perhaps, set role models for a healthy lifestyle (snort). But they don't take into consideration those of us that appreciate a full figured woman. Their loss.

  3. That skinny little pixie in the middle's not Ursula. That little thing could never carry the rich deep tones of Ursula's voice, or her va-va-voom attitude on those frail little shoulders.

  4. On the other hand, the only fat girls are villains. Fat = eeevil. It's kind of a dick move no matter how you slice it.

    1. Well, if two out of every six villains are fat then it's more of an equal opportunity career path more than anything else. Plus, even not counting the fact that they can were a tiara even if they aren't royalty, the villains are still more interesting than the princesses.

  5. First off let me say I agree completely. You take away so much of the character with these redesigns. Both Ursula and the Queen of hearts rocked being big largely because of how big their personalities were.

    Now I'm not all that buisness savy but I don't think the skinny redesigns were done because "Skinny is pretty" or at least completely because of that. These designs are made for dolls, and the standard mold for dolls are skinny and uniform (so all that changing clothes thing doesn't cause problems) This may just be that creating a new bigger mold is just not cost efficient. Though I may be wrong but I am unaware of bigger models that may have been previously created.

    They also mentioned that these redesigns are runway inspired, as far as I know runway models are all skinny mostly so they don't detract from what they are trying to sell which is the styles themselves. That in mind that could be another reason for the new skinny villians.

    These are my speculations on why these changes were made though these reasons don't make it any better. C'mon disney we want our big beauties too.

  6. I also agree. In fact though I just got a year pass to disney world this past summer I am now going to boycott Disney as they are obviously fattist. My name on Facebook is Ursula because of that character being the one sexy bigger Disney character I had as a kid, and I didn't like her behavior but at least she was something for a bigger little girl in a disney movie.

    Yes skinnier is prettier. Only because society and media, like you Disney, told people so our whole lives and brain washed us. My mom has a book of old comics from the turn of the 20th century. I was younger, bored and sat down to read it once. The comic I remember to this day was one of a big girl (at LEAST a size 18) looking at some men all paying attention to some emaciated rich woman and the comic's joke was about how men were so shallow when it came to money they would ignore the beauty who was portrayed as the larger woman. At one point society and media said we bigger women were prettier. It's like harder to change fashion, it takes longer and hurts a lot of people in it's path though. I will never be able to not despise my body. I am almost 27. That stinks. This, J Wright, is inexcusable for any reason. Your post sounds ignorant and like you see no problem with the way people my size are treated. I am going to guess you are skinny and never had the social issues I have had, and quite frankly there is ZERO excuse for what Disney is doing. It is redesigned hate. The dolls will be charged for at a hefty price. They could make a new mold, and yes there are bigger molds, look around and you can find many FAT Ursula dolls. Also, the clothes are on DOLLS not being sold on the runway. They are made for little girls to play with, not to sell clothes, and what has been done is having a psychological impact on me at 27, if it does that what do you think it is doing to a five year old? Disney just told that little girl that her body was a reject and they had to redesign it to make it more socially acceptable.

    Fact is I don't give a flying you know what what the reason is they just lost a lifelong customer.

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