Friday, July 13, 2012

Cylons and Sewing Combine into the Coolest Sci Fi Apron Ever

by Laura B. 
Guest Blogger

A few months ago, the Stellar Four ladies discussed making a Darth Vadar tutu apron.  I originally accepted the challenge of creating said tutu apron but had second thoughts because — and since this is a safe place, I feel comfortable saying this — I’m not really into Star Wars.  I never thought it was completely awful … it just isn’t my cup of tea.  

So what is in my teacup? Battlestar Galactica. Hence, I switched my focus: I was going to turn Starbuck’s uniform into an apron. 

My muse. 

My mom taught me to sew when I was 8 or so and, while I’m no expert, I’m pretty good.  I feel like sewing is empowerment.  It gives me the power to create. 


I don’t have to rely on patterns.  I can think far outside of the box. I can strive to create everything I see.  Halloween as a St. Pauli girl?  Why not.  A quilt of t-shirts from high school?  Nailed it.  An outfit appropriate for the bedroom only?  I, uh, wouldn’t know anything about that. But seriously, isn’t it wild to take these flat things….

… and turn them into something incredibly functional? So here we go!

I already had a pattern for an apron from a previous project, so after buying the materials, I cut out the pieces. 

…including the red lining (based on Number 6’s kickass dress through the series).

Then things got real.  At this point, I left the pattern behind to dive in to the ornamentation, i.e. the light blue piping, buttons, and insignia.  The piping turned out to be a major challenge resulting in the apron looking like this at one point:

Eventually I figured it out and moved on to the buttons.  I spent a nerdy amount of time trying to find the most appropriate button pattern and settled for this one:

…because they put me in mind of Starbuck’s mandala:

In general, I wore pants during the project.
Ok, so piping on! Buttons on!  Pocket on!  Time to turn it inside out from this ...

No making fun of my ancient TiVo remote.

... to this …

… to this!

But because there was a whole lot of this ...

... there was a lot of this ...

Roll! Roll like the wind!

... and this ...

Starbuck would have wanted me to drink a little.
Here is my apron in all its glory!

So, humble readers, what do you think?  Is this a successful adaptation of Starbuck’s uniform?  Should I have tried for the Darth Vadar tutu apron instead?  

And what other iconic sci-fi or fantasy garb would you like to see turned into kitchen wear?  
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  1. This is just an excuse to mysteriously disappear when dinner is ending and it's time to do the dishes, isn't it? ;)

  2. Good job, it looks great, Laura! :)


  3. Love it!

    Hmmm other aprons? A Browncoat one or really anything Firefly inspired. :)

    Maybe some Buffy-inspired kitchen tools. The cutlery collection would have promise. Maybe silverware with stakes on the end. Multi-purpose.

  4. Thanks Meg and Stella! It was ~just~ enough labor that I don't foresee selling any on Etsy any time soon.

    Oh Kathy, a Browncoat apron would be divine....I'll have to think about the creation of that one (since the coat opens exactly where the apron would cover).

    Actually, mpkirkland, my favor thing to do at dish time is to have someone play a single syncopated note as I disappear from the kitchen... :)