Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Avengers Fashion

I am insanely obsessed with the Avengers right now. It's only the beginning of June and I already think it's the best movie of the summer. With that said, does anyone feel as if the outfits warn by the Avengers could have been... improved? Instead of armor, why not use some crinoline? Perhaps a feather boa instead of cut offs? Maybe a silver handbag instead of a giant hammer?

What in the blazes am I talking about, you may be asking. Kelsey Michele on deviantart knows exactly what I mean. She has designed four drop dead gorgeous evening gowns inspired by the Avengers! They are so stunning it's unbelievable. I'd buy all of them in a heartbeat.

Thor is stunning in a slinky silver number and Captain America is resplendent in a sweet patriotic frock.
Iron Man is super cool in red and the Hulk looks, dare I say, smashing?
 So, uh, when can I expect to be able to buy these? I'd like to put in a pre-order for them. Who do I send my measurements to?

Please check out Kelsey Michele's gallery for more beautiful artwork!
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  1. I can't decide between Thor and Cap America for my favorite.