Thursday, May 10, 2012

When Your Brain Needs a Vacation...

by Kathy F.

We all have those days. Maybe it's something in your personal life, maybe it's an idiotic politician or a law is passed that makes you see red and want to punch something. Whatever it is, life has you down and you need a little mind vacay for awhile. Some time to breathe before you get up and start kicking life's ass for awhile instead of the other way around. So what do you do?

For me, when I'm down, I don't tend to do well with the "rainbows and puppy dogs" approach. Life can be dark, and I tend to do better with books or movies that touch on that. Of course, I don't want all doom and gloom, so the right balance is key.

I'm a reader, and one of my favorite series is Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels. I've re-read these more than a few times. I love the action, the slow romance, and the humor that is woven throughout. One of my favorite quotes is from Magic Bleeds: “I can't give you the white picket fence, and if I did, you'd set it on fire.”  Yep - that's my kind of romance. There have been plenty of dark times for Kate and company, but the sense of perseverance and hope that flows through each book keeps me coming back for more. It's also a phenomenal escape for my mind.

Sometimes, I let my fingers do the window shopping for me as I click through the offerings on Etsy. I love this Brass Knuckle Necklace (OK, it's silver, but you get where I'm going with this):

It's the right mix of tough and irreverent for me and it perfectly fits my mood.

Today also might be a Buffy kind of day. My go-to is the musical episode "Once More With Feeling." I have so many favorites from this episode, but Walk Through the Fire always gets me.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Once More With Feeling

And for more irreverence, this time I'm just bringing the funny. I leave you with some Stephen Colbert (you might have to un-mute it to revel in the awesomeness).

Now, I'm ready to get back out there.

How about you, what do you do to pick yourself up?

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  1. A good book is always my first choice when I need to escape. Laura Bickle's Sparks series, Diana Rowland's Kara Gillian series and Nicole Peeler's Jane True series all do the trick. If it's been a *really* bad day I revert to my adolescence and pick up an old school Anne McCaffrey. And if that doesn't work, there's always reality TV (though that can backfire...)

  2. I keep "Once More With Feeling" on my TiVo hard drive for this very reason.

  3. I either write (fanfic, short original stories, blog posts) or I sit on the couch, veg to good Sci-Fi and cuddle my doggies.

  4. There is no denying the curative powers of a Joss musical, be it Once More or Dr. Horrible. Both are ready at hand for when I need my spirits lifted.

    But for a real funk, for when I am so down nothing seem like it will help, only Harry Potter can save me. I vanish for a while into a world of pumpkin juice, quills, and magic trains and it never fails to leave me refreshed and energetic.