Monday, May 28, 2012

Retro Futurism: U.R. a Cyberpunk

by Megan S.

Got a pair of Aviator shades in your purse along with your smartphone and a couple of bucks?  Then, according to a 1990s Mondo 2000 graphic, you're as much of a cyberpunk as Hiro Protagonist, Y.T., Molly and Case.

How's that, you ask?

Almost every single item the approximately 20 year old graphic lists as crucial to being a cyberpunk is available via your iPhone.  Video camera, music player, internet capability, eReader, video player, cell phone, computer, text message receiver, GPS and camera all came pre-loaded. As for a scanner, encryption program, and voice changer, well, there are apps for those. 

The future is now, people, and we didn't even need corporate city-states to bring about a dystopia first.
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1 comment:

  1. Voice Changer? I wonder if the T-Pain autotune app counts... There's something terribly wrong about the thought of an autotuned Cyberpunk.