Monday, May 7, 2012

Four Slumber Party Games to Make Into Summer Blockbusters

by Megan S.

via Glenn Gould

It's the start of the summer blockbuster movie season and you know what that means. Hollywood's has been raiding our childhoods for potential story goldmines, including basing one coming out next week on the board game, Battleship.  Well, Hollywood, don't worry about next year's big hits 'cause I've done the work for you.

I've ransacked my favorite memories of slumber party games and turned 'em into horror films.  See if you can guess the game each movie pitch is based on.  The answers are at the bottom of the post!


Something horrifying has befallen the most popular tween girls in the sleepy town of Sarah, Maine.  Screams are shattering peaceful Saturday mornings all across the area as parents wake to find their daughters comatose, the girls' bodies rigid and floating inches above the ground.  It's up to the mysterious housekeeper and physics grad student, Tituba, to find out why the children are unconscious and no longer bound by gravity, as the terrified townspeople begin to suspect her of witchcraft.


Is the secret admirer waiting behind the door a total dream guy or a sloppily dressed serial killer?  Meet Rosie, Poppy, Tansy and Ivy Fowler; four carefree sisters whose biggest  worries are what to wear on Friday night... but not for long.  One of the girls has a date with a total dud who may just be the Coed Killer.  Will all of the sisters survive to take their rightful places on the Homecoming Court after the big game and, more importantly, will their dresses match their dates' cummerbund?


Gotta a secret? Can you keep it? Somebody at San Francisco's Roewer High won't let the class of 2013 keep their skeletons in the closets stay hidden.  A computer virus is worming its way through the senior class's smart phones and forwarding their most embarrassing texts and photos to the next phone as it jumps to each cell.  The virus's latest victim is varsity wrestler Jake Lupin. The virus has sent a cellphone video to everyone at school of Lupin turning into a wolf at his Bar Mitzvah three years before.  Now, a ragtag group of Roewer's secret supernatural students must band together to stop the virus and convince everyone the video was just a stunt before the truth comes out.


Chaperoning sleepovers can be hell.  Gracie wasn't surprised when she woke to find her hand in a bowl of warm water the night of her little sister's slumber party.  The little terrors loved their pranks but trying to get her to pee the bed was too much.  But it wasn't water in the bowl... it was fresh human blood.  People all across town had fallen victim to horrific twists on classic sleepover pranks and it wasn't Gracie's charges, but her little sister and friends may be the only ones who can stop it.

The Answers!

1. Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board
2. Mystery Date
3. Telephone (sometimes known as Chinese Whispers)
4. (Well, this one's a little obvious.) The Warm Water Pee Prank
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