Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Flog

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Felicia Day is awesome. There's no getting around it. She's smart, funny, adorable and all around amazing. She's been in everything from Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She writes and acts in her own webseries, The Guild. There isn't anything she can't do. You can't hold her back. She's got more whimsy in one pinky than other people have in their whole bodies.

She has applied her overwhelming geek talents to bringing us a wonderful new Youtube channel called Geek and Sundry. It goes without saying that it's just full to the brim with win. With cheerful aplomb, Day hosts her own video diary, the "Flog", and also uses her channel to let others host their own content, like Wil Wheaton's hilarious "Table Top" show.

What makes Day so awesome? She's a bonafide geek, she's not afraid to act silly and she has a genuine lust for learning and having fun. That's why her Flog is so much fun to watch. Whether she's learning how to be a blacksmith or modeling steampunk clothes, her wonderful personality and geek roots show.

Each week, she helpfully lists her five favorite things. Sometimes they're websites or toys, sometimes they're interesting articles and time wasting video games. The girl has good taste. What really makes her videos shine are the hilarious little adventures she goes on. My favorite is when she went to a steampunk clothing store and did some modeling for them. She's just hilarious and completely charming. Nothing about Day feels fake or forced.

I encourage you to check out Felicia Day's Flog on the Geek and Sundry channel on Youtube. While you're there, also check out Wil Wheaton's Table Top!

Some of my favorite Felicia Flogs are under the cut. Watch her model steampunk fashions, learn how to knit and how to make ice sculptures.

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  1. I have the hugest girl crush on Felicia Day. If I can even be half as cool as her, I'll still die a happy woman.