Friday, April 27, 2012

Your Next Knitting Project is Bigger on the Inside — Literally

by Sara N.

I've found my next knitting project, and it'll probably be your next project, too.
Knitty, the consistently amazing online pattern site, recently featured this scarf, called Bigger on the Inside.

Yes. Yes, those are subtle TARDISes topped with a gorgeous lace pattern. The free pattern is available here, and the Knitty designers worked with a yarn maker to create a colorway specifically for this project.

I'm in love with the whole thing, aren't you? I promise to post pictures once I'm finished. (Current plans are to travel back in time and knit it, so I'll have a finished product in time for this post. Think that'll work out for me?)

Thanks to my former roomie Sara for the tip!
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