Sunday, April 8, 2012

Repinned: The Best of Pinterest This Week

by Megan S.

President Barack Obama with Actress Nichelle Nichols giving the Vulcan salute.
So, I thought I'd try something new this week - doing a roundup of the best pins on Pinterest in a covert attempt to convince you all to join since so many of you aren't on there yet.  I've included the links to the site each were pinned from when available!

Check the rest out after the jump.

via Neatorama

via Cheezburger

via FFFFound
via Tony Fleeces
Dress made of recycled children's Golden Books (the bodice is made of the spines!) via Ryan Jude Novelline

via Pants

via ~Chill07
via Sophie's World

via MakeupBee

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  1. Yes - I know I need to get on Pinterest.

    I love the dress and the Pres W/ Uhura! :)

    1. I'm warning you, Kathy... it's addicting ;)