Friday, April 6, 2012

Here's Your Funny Friday Round-Up

by Sara N.

I like to take the occasional Friday to bring you the best geeky fun the web has offered recently. Read on for Daleks, Jabba the Hut, some girl talk and more.

NBC's Parks and Recreation has had some flashes of genre nerdiness, but this opening credit make-over takes the show to another galaxy entirely ... one that's far, far away. (You'll be humming this ditty all weekend, by the way.)

Next, we travel to Panem. A place so rigid just has to have a slew of public service announcements for the good of the populace. College Humor imagined what they might look like. Here are two; you can find the rest here

Over at, Steve Radbourne imagines a conversation between Katniss, Hermoine, Buffy and Bella for a Heroines of Pop Culture ladies night. You can probably guess how well that goes. Here's an excerpt:

Katniss: So, how was everyone’s week?

Hermione: Oh, same old. Quidditch match, Ron being a whiny, emotional middle-child, a few random assassination attempts by the Dark Lord, saving Potter from certain doom. Y’know, the usual stuff.

Buffy: I was saving the world.

Katniss: I was also saving the world!

Bella: I jumped off a cliff to get the attention of my ex-boyfriend.

Buffy: I’m sorry, what?

It goes downhill from there for poor Ms. Swann. You can read the whole conversation here

In HBO news, did you know that the entire second season of Game of Thrones has been released in its entirety? Here are the shocking details. (This is courtesy of, where the story was posted as an April Fool's gag.)

Finally, please allow the Daleks to ease you into a peaceful and relaxing weekend.

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