Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gettin' My Romance On

For the first time ever in the history of time, I am attending a convention. (No, we don't talk about that Star Trek convention I went to in Denver when I was 17. It doesn't count. Even though Jonathan Frakes was the keynote speaker and he was every bit as dreamy as I ever imagined... Wait, where was I?)

Right! Convention! I'm heading to the Romantic Times convention in Chicago, five long days of author panels, giveaways, and, most importantly, parties! I Googled Romantic Times convention and just sort of fell into this vast wealth of pictures of fun, fantasy, and total absurdity. I'm super excited.

Check out this massive list of authors who will be signing. Are you jealous? Yes, you are.

I will be on the hunt for some autographs and perhaps I'll find some stuff to bring back so we can have a fancy little giveaway when I return!  I'll definitely post updates as I can.

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  1. I'm so envious of you. First to see Jonathan Frakes, who I have a huge nerd crush on (Second only to my crush on Wil Wheaton). And there are sooooo many great authors on that list! Melissa de la Cruz and Richelle Mead are two of my favorites! Have fun :-)

  2. I'm so sad that you're going to be only three hours away from me, but because of work and then the (way less exciting) convention I'm leaving for on Friday, I won't be able to go and actually meet you. Bad luck!

  3. I confess I'll be interested in reading about your experience at the convention. I have this crackpot theory that whenever "otaku" get together in an organized fashion there are many similarities regardless of the topic. But that only comes from my having attended science fiction, media, and professional technical events. I've often wondered about romance novel contentions, Sherlock Holmes conventions, etc.

    And Mrs. O and I _like_ the annual Star Trek convention in Denver. It's always good to be with the Tribe. Which is why we almost alway attend the World SF Convention, wherever it is. It's given us an excuse to travel to Canada, Scotland, Australia, and Japan, and nearby environs. (If we ever meet in person, however, I shall be very disappointed if you aren't a blue-skinned Asari. Just sayin'.)