Monday, April 9, 2012

Get the Look of Snow White and the Evil Queen... from HSN?

by Megan S.

With two movies and one television show under her bodice, Snow White is the It Heroine of the year.  Whether it's because of her iconic look or the fact that each recent interpretation of the character has made her into a kick-ass young woman who doesn't rely on Prince Charming, everyone wants a piece of the apple-chomping maiden.  And now, shopping channel HSN and Universal Pictures are betting you will too.

The two companies have collaborated with jewelry, fashion and home decor designers to sell you the look of "Snow White & The Huntsman" starring Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron.  (There's an extremely interesting article about the partnership available here on the New York Times website.)   Over 200 different items including mirrors will be presented and available for purchase on HSN during a 24 hour period beginning midnight Eastern time on May 30, right before the film debuts on June 1.  Additionally, a preview of part of the collection will be available on the website on May 15. The jewelry, clothing, and decor are inspired by the movie instead of being prop replicas and while some of the pieces are pretty cheesy, others are quite attractive.

Check out photos of some of what will be available after the jump!


I ain't gonna lie. I'm probably buying the red rhinestone apple candle. I can't help myself.
These are not cute.  At all.

So, what do you guys think?  Anything you like?  What are your thoughts on the collaboration?
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  1. I want the apple pin with the bite out of it!