Monday, April 30, 2012

Exotic Steampunk

by Megan S.

Let's face it. The steampunk aesthetic can be pretty... insular, to put it politely.  Styles are based on what was popular during the Victorian, Edwardian and Regency eras in England.  It's rare we see cosplay that ventures into Russian or Western territory let alone Eastern or anywhere else.  This is why I was soooooooo excited to come across the work of Friston Ho'okanu.  The award winning floral designer from O'ahu, Hawaii has created a number of gorgeous steampunk pieces that incorporate Hawaiian and Indian history as well as more mainstream ones.  I'm hoping he has more in store for the future!

Here are more of my favorites...

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  1. Why do you post things that make me want to spend money? Why?

    1. Because I'm the little devil with the sparkly red eyeshadow and ruby slippers sitting on your shoulder.

      So, which one did you want to get?

    2. *whimpers* He has hair clips...