Thursday, April 19, 2012

Do You Like Your Fantasy "Angry"?

Next week, Chuck Wendig's Blackbirds comes out (April 24). To say I've been looking forward to this book is a massive understatement. Not only does it have an awesome cover (Joey Hi-Fi is amazing), it has a woman who can tell the future but can't change it, until she gets the best motivation possible - saving her own life. I'm sure it will be bloody, action-packed with enough swearing to make a sailor blush and I WANTS IT.

Blackbirds is published by Angry Robot, a global publisher that states "Our mission, quite simply, is to publish the best in brand new genre fiction – SF, F and WTF?!" I've been really impressed by their upcoming releases (several are on my Want list), as well as their new YA imprint, Strange Chemistry. No, they aren't a "Big 6" publisher, but they are making a name for themselves and publishing some very unique work. I've also found their eBook prices to be reasonable - around the $5-6 range vs the $7-8 (or more) under the Agency model.

Note: I think that 99 cents is a good price for a short - but when I get a novel, I want it edited both for content and grammar, and I am willing to pay so that everyone involved can continue to bring me the books I love and still earn a living. No surprise, my favorite self-pub'd books are those that have been through an editor.

Angry Robot also has their Open Door where they accept unagented fantasy works. This year they are taking YA as well. Of course, if you are planning on submitting, read the guidelines very carefully. They are accepting submission until April 30.

So, what other Angry Robot books should you think about adding to your list? I have a few suggestions (you can find more on the April-November Publishing Schedule)

Zoo City by Lauren Beukes

I have this one at home, but I'm not done yet. So far I like it. You get thrown into a complicated world with little warning, but I enjoy that aspect of Fantasy, so it works for me. Set in Africa (another big plus - I'm really loving the Fantasy works set outside the UK and US), it has criminals, a missing pop star, danger, and I have no idea where it will all end up.

Winner of 2011 Arthur C. Clarke Award.

vN (Book1 of the Machine Dynasty) by Madeline Ashby

Sci fi with a humanoid robot, family secrets, and what looks to be a war between humans and machines. Yes, I'm a bit giddy about it all.

Out July 31 US/Can, August 2 UK

The Corpse Rat King by Lee Battersby

A professional battlefield looter is mistaken for a dead monarch and sent to the Underworld. To get "back to life" he needs to find the dead a King.

I love thieves. Especially Fantasy adventures with thieves.

Out August 28 US/Can, September 6 UK

Blackwood by Gwenda Bond

This is a YA paranormal centered on Roanoke, and what happens when people disappear again like the ill-fated colonists. I've always been fascinated by the mystery of the Roanoke Colony, so this one got on my radar right away.

Out in September.

How about you? Any books coming from smaller or indie publishers that you think we should know about?
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  1. Justin Gustainis has "Evil Dark" coming out from Angry Robot in a few days! I have it on pre-order. I liked the first in the series, Hard Spell. Looking forward to it.

    Frank Tuttle also either self-publishes or publishes through a couple of small presses--I'm greatly looking forward to anything he publishes! I think he has a new Markhat coming out this year. Woot!