Friday, April 27, 2012

The Dark Side Has Cookies AND Tea

by Megan S.

That's no moon; it's a tea ball.  Artist TimJo has created a working Death Star tea infuser made with real silver sheet metal and it's undeniably the best thing to happen to tea since it was first paired with cookies.*  Unfortunately, the infuser isn't for sale at this time but there's always (a new) hope.

*Why do the bad guys always get the best afternoon refreshments?
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  1. Why must you tease us with nice things we can't have?

    1. Because I'm a cruel, cruel Moxie and I like having a chance to show off my evil genius laugh. MUHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

  2. I want this so bad, you have no idea.

  3. I wonder if you could find someone on Etsy to make something similar for you. I've done that before for custom key fobs and it worked out really well.