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The Best Lady Doppelgangers, Clones, Evil Twins, and Look-a-likes

by Megan S.

Delicia Fay, Felicia Day's Evil Twin.  She definitely doesn't want you to watch The Guild.
Ah, troublesome look-a-likes. The cliched doubles are as much a staple in scifi and fantasy as the ringers are in soap operas.  You know why?  Because we LOVE them.  From Dr. Jekyell and Mr. Hyde to Mirror-Spock, the duplicates have become a cherished part of pop culture.  Even some real people have evil twins like Felicia Day's Delicia Fay.  (I would sure like to have someone around to explain my villainous behavior.)  So today, we celebrate the best of the best cheesy plot twists - the lady doppelgangers, clones, evil twins and look-a-likes.

Did your favorite make the cut?

(PS: Proceed with caution.  Here be spoilers.)

Fauxlivia - Fringe

You know I just had to start with Fauxlivia.  Sure, the Fringe agent from the alternate universe may have (season three spoiler alert!) pretended to be our girl Olivia and give birth to Peter's kid, but she thought WE were the enemy and, besides, she fell in love with her babydaddy.  (I mean, who wouldn't? It's Peter Bishop/Pacey Witter/Josh Jackson we're talking about.) Fauxlivia is equal to her counterpart over here and, in some ways, better. She kicks serious ass, is so much more well-adjusted than Olivia, has a sense of humor, and even Walter's warming up to her.

Other Astrid - Fringe

I couldn't wax poetic about Fauxlivia without mentioning sweet Other Astrid. The alternate universe Fringe agent is a brilliant statistician with predictive powers bordering on psychic and seems to be living with Asperger's Syndrome.  She spends most of the time as a supporting player but she still shines, especially when interacting with Walter.

Allison Dorren aka Evil Francie - Alias

You do not mess with Evil Francie from Alias.  Allison Dorren had her DNA altered so she could be genetically identical to agent Sydney Bristow's bff and roommate Francie in order to replace her.  As Francie, Allison spies on Sydney and Michael Vaughn as well as interrogates Will via hypnosis.  Oh and she kills people.  Evil Francie is bad news.

Anna - Anna to the Infinite Power

ZOMG, ANNA TO THE INFINITE POWER WAS ONE OF MY TWO FAVORITE BOOKS EVER GROWING UP.  *Ahem*  Anna's growing up in a dystopian near future where her everyday actions like going to the mall  and which route she takes are dictated by software that informs her if civil unrest or other public problems would hamper her plans.  On the day she decides not to enter her plans into the unit, she stumbles across a girl who looks almost exactly like her. Anna soon finds out she, the other girl, and a number of similar looking young women are all clones of the same genetic donor and are part of an experiment.  As an adult looking back, I think the best part of the book is author Mildred Ames was teaching kids about epigenetics over 30 years ago.  How cool is that?

Jessica Sanders, Tracy Strauss, and Barbara - Heroes

OK.  This one's a little complicated.  Heroes first introduced us to Nikki Sanders.  Nikki thinks  she's being possessed by her dead twin Jessica who has transformed into an assassin after death but it's really Nikki's alter ego.  Or something like that.  Jessica eventually disappears and is replaced with another alter ego, Gina.  This is the point where you say, "Megan, dead twins and alter egos don't count." Oh, mon cheri, you're forgetting Tracy Strauss and Barbara.  See, Nikki wasn't a twin.  She was, more specifically, a quadruplet with two other identical sister she didn't know about.  We never meet Barbara but Tracy turns out to be a bit of a bad egg until she finds redemption in the end.

The First Evil - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy's First Evil is eeeeeevil.  Literally.  The seventh season's Big Bad is a manifestation of all the evil in the world and can look like any dead person.  The First uses this ability to torment our heroes, appearing as Joyce, Warren, Cassie, Buffy, Glory, Adam, Drusilla, The Master, The Mayor, Spike, Jonathan, and Caleb.  Also?  It eats you, starting with your bottom.

(SPOILER ALERT!) Amy - Doctor Who

Poor Ganger Amy.  She never knew she was Amy Pond's doppelganger, a creature born of living organic goop that takes on the persona of the original person.  She suffered through so many hazards alongside the Doctor and Rory while the real Amy was held against her will, carrying a part Time Lord child.

Vamp Willow - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Vamp Willow originated from an alternate universe where Buffy never came to Sunnydale but the bloodsucking version of everyone's favorite witch appears in our timeline when Willow and Anya botch a spell.  Willow learns a lot about herself from the Drusilla-esque redheaded vampire, most importantly that she can stand up for herself and she like-likes the ladies.

The First and Second Written Thursday Nexts - The Thursday Next Series

Alright, guys.  This is another potentially confusing one.  Are you ready?  Thursday Next is a Literary Detective in a universe where literature is one of the most important aspects of everyday life.  She solves literary related crimes in the real world.  Thursday is also a Jurisfiction agent in BookWorld; our girl has the ability to jump from the real world into the secret world of books where everyone is very much aware that they're characters in novels and they often vie for bigger roles.  She's joined the law enforcement agency in the world within a world to solve crimes committed by characters.  Because Thursday became popular in the real world, someone wrote a series of novels about her which means... fictional Thursdays also exist in BookWorld.  The first written Thursday is sexy and dangerous because that's what sells novels and the second one, who replaced the first, is a bit of a tree hugger.  The latter Thursday becomes a more fully realized character when she stars in her own book in the Thursday Next series, "One of Our Thursday's is Missing." 

Sixes, Threes, and Eights - Battlestar Galactica

Do I really need to explain who these ladies are?  The sixes, threes, and eights are three of the eight humanoid cylons models waging war on the human race by infiltrating societies on all twelve planets.  (Are the numbers confusing you yet?)  Though they're legion, the most prominent lady cylons are Caprica-Six, D'anna, Boomer, and Athena (those last two are both eights played by Grace Park).  They may be frakkin' toasters but those women still kick some serious booty.

Elena and (SPOILER ALERT!) - The Vampire Diaries

Teenage Elena was leading a sad but normal life in Mystic Falls until two attractive and mysterious brothers show up, both obsessed with her.  Why, you ask?  The two are drawn to our heroine because, it turns out, they're vampires who were in love with a bloodsucking fiend, Katherine, approximately 150 years ago and Elena is her spitting image.  How could that be?  Sweet, normal Elena is Katherine's doppelganger, created to serve as an important part of a spell.  Now, here comes the spoiler.  Katherine's a doppelganger, too! The pair are just the latest in a line of duplicates originating with Tatia Petrova.  Bet you didn't see that one coming.

Phew!  That was a lotta plot twists for one post.  Were your favorites on the list?  Which ones didn't make the cut but should have?  Share in the comments.
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