Friday, March 2, 2012

Intricate, Eye-Catching Steampunk Jewelry from DragonWeave

by Sara N.

Fair warning: If you don't like people commenting on your jewelry, the contents of this post are not for you. But please read on if you dig it when people stop you and say, "Oh, wow. Can I take a look at that?" 

Clockwork Darter necklace

DragonWeave Jewelry started as a Renaissance Faire jeweler and soon expanded to steampunk, Celtic, goth and fantasy-inspired pieces. Their collection of necklaces, bracelets, rings and watches are detailed, intricate, eye-catching and beautiful.

Many of the pieces come with fanciful names and amusing descriptions of how these contraptions "work," which are almost as charming as the jewelry itself. All of the following items (and more!) can be found on the steampunk page at DragonWeave's website.

Electro Magnetic Chamber necklace featuring a removable cork stopper
Galvanic Magneto Inducer cuff bracelet

Quantum Displacer necklace
GMT Feromonic Field Detector ring

EER Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator watch
The Calibrator watch open

This last one isn't steampunk, but it's pretty darn clever: The Bitten Vampire Choker.

I must admit my bias here, by the way. My husband gave me the Clockwork Darter necklace and the Electro Magnetic Chamber necklace as Christmas gifts. Every time I wear them, friends, coworkers and even strangers have commented on them. The EMC necklace, in particular, has prompted a number of reactions, including "Do you keep poison in there?" and "Oh, fill that with garlic, and it'll be a great vampire deterrent!" (I'm lucky to have friends who really and truly get me. Except for carrying poison part. I don't do that. Usually.) 

Anyway, the EMC necklace arrived with the stopper broken, and DragonWeave replaced it for free with no hassles, so I also couldn't be happier with the customer service.
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  1. Wow - I like them, but I think my fav is the first one, the Clockwork Darter.