Thursday, March 8, 2012

I NEED to See This Movie

by Kindle-aholic
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It’s been mentioned here before but I just saw a new trailer for it, so I felt the need to bring it up again.

The movie? Brave, the latest from Pixar out this summer (June 22!). We have a Scottish princess who longs for freedom, lots of arrows, magic, and I can’t wait.

It’s not just me, the kids can’t wait either. Even the little guy really wants to see this one. Further proof that yes, boys will watch movies/read books that feature female leads. (Seriously, as I was gathering links for this story, he came in and insisted I replay the trailers several times.)

Note: I’ll be linking to trailers that show more of the storyline. If you prefer to be surprised, look away. However, since I’m definitely taking the kiddos to see it, the more info I have, the better for us.

The first trailer sets the scene, gives us a little character information, but is very light on any story:

It was enough to make me sit up and take notice, and got the kids interested too. There was a second trailer that gave a little more info and introduced some other characters, but there was still a lot left out.

Then I saw this – a clip more than a “trailer”:

Can I get a “Hell, Yeah!” I LOVED it. Loved the interaction with the parents, the tiny details (notice the slight cut on her cheek when she fires the last arrow), and Merida! This is a character I can root for.

Because Youtube is an addictive beastie, I scrounged around a bit and found this little gem: the Japanese trailer for Brave (there are English subtitles).

Here you get quite a bit more story info, and some details on the eventual battle/showdown/how Merida gets her fight on.

Yep – I’m sold.
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  1. The more I see about it, the better it looks. :) Not sure I can convince mine to sit still through it. I may have to wait for DVD release. *sigh*