Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hunger Games Makeup for the Premiere!

by Megan S.
Katniss's Interview with Seneca Crane

Planning on attending The Hunger Games premiere next Friday and want to look the part?  Leesha from xSparkage and Klaire De LysArt on YouTube have you covered.  The two created gorgeous HG makeup styles and tutorials so you can look like Katniss, District tributes, Effie Trinket and more.  Here are my favorite cosplay designs (click on the caption beneath each for the tutorials) and find even more ideas on their sites.

Morphling Addict from District 6
Girl on Fire
District 7 - Lumber
District 8 - Textiles
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1 comment:

  1. Sooooo gorgeous! I love the lace pattern. That's a wicked trick. And the morphling addict lipstick is astonishing. And the eyebrows are so good...