Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cutting Edge

Mass Effect Paragon Pendant Necklace - $12
Since my tax return this year isn't enough to buy a gaming system (excuse me while I go sob deliriously in a corner), I've turned my attentions to smaller geeky trinkets. Namely, awesome geeky jewelry. That's where LicketyCut comes in. Do you want a beautiful, colorful Portal necklace? Have you yearned for a Mario star to hang around your neck? Are you kept up at night because you do not yet own Skyrim earrings? It's okay, LicketyCut have the cure for what ails you!

The jewelry is made using a special laser cutting method, making every piece look sharp, colorful and cartoonish. 

Join me after the jump for the most awesome geek jewelry this side of Etsy!

Portal Friendship Necklaces - $20
Mario Power Star Necklace - $12
Skyrim Necklace - $15

Portal Earrings Set - $10

Dr Who TARDIS necklace - $12
Mario Bros Poranha Plant Necklace - $12
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  1. Oh, neat stuff! My friend has some Portal earrings and these really cute Portal socks! =)