Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why the T-Rex Is the Tyrant Lizard King of Comedy

by Sara N.

Ah, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. As we all learned in grade school (or during our "I'm gonna be a paleontologist!" infatuation period after repeated viewings of Jurassic Park), its name literally means "tyrant lizard king."

Not-at-all terrifying wall decal available here.
But good ol' T-Rex has also proven to do be something of a tyrant lizard king of comedy, as well.

You've probably all seen Ryan North's Dinosaur Comics, a nine-year-old, award-winning humor site featuring a T-Rex merrily stomping on a log cabin while pontificating in funny and often thought-provoking ways to his dino friends. The art stays the same every day. The funny just gets funnier.

And you may quote me.

Brilliant humor site The Oatmeal has also taken on the T-Rex, offering seven reasons why you should keep him off crack cocaine.

That's just No. 1; you'll have to follow this link to read the other six. (Matthew Inman, the creator of The Oatmeal, also has strong feelings on Pterodactyls.)

There's now a new comedy lizard stomping around the Internet: T-Rex Trying ... This Tumblr celebrates all the things that the T-Rex, with his tragically comic short arms, just cannot do. It's funny and occasionally heart-wrenching.

I've been there, Mr. Rex. I've been there.

Teeny tiny T-Rex arms are also fodder for two of my favorite t-shirts. First, we turn to push-ups. A Google search turns up tons of buying options, but this one, by poortrex at CafePress, is probably my favorite.

604Republic takes on T-Rex fights in the Epic Duel t-shirt. Truly, it is a majestic slap battle.

Epic Duel t-shirt

Incidentally, my introduction to T-Rex humor came in Gary Larson's late, great The Far Side, perhaps the single funniest comic ever created. I'd include the image here, but Larson has written a heartfelt plea that people not post his work online, and I wouldn't dream of ignoring the wishes of my favorite cartoonist. However, if you do a Google image search for "far side t-rex," you might find someone less respectful than I. It's worth the hunt.
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