Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What Would You Do With An Extra Day?

by Megan S., Sara N., and Meghan B.

There's a surprising lack of traditions associated with Leap Year* even though the additional day added to the calendar every four years has been in place for millennia.  The only widespread custom in English speaking countries seems to be the antiquated concept of "allowing" women to ask men to marry them on Leap Day.  How... quaint.  Thank goodness for women's liberation.

So, with that in mind, we at Stellar Four thought we'd invent our own tradition: using Leap Day to accomplish what you've often longed to do if only you had one extra day.

How often have you wished you had one extra day?  Think back to when you wanted just one more day to relax on your vacation or even an additional 24 hours to finish writing that report.  Well, Leap Year is it.  Once every four years, you're given 1,440 minutes to do whatever you wish.  What will you do with it?

Sara's Leap Day:

We'll have second breakfast together, Sam.
How would I spend a free Leap Day if there were no work, no judgment and no consequences? Easy. I'd sleep late, then my husband and I would take books to our favorite Chinese buffet. Reading The Maze Runner and nomming all afternoon sounds like heaven. The evening would be devoted to rewatching a favorite series. In this case, I'm thinking of Season 1 of BBC's Sherlock, in preparation for Season 2's (tortuously slow) arrival to the States. There would also be knitting.

However, another completely valid use for Leap Day would be to watch the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy on Blu Ray. This would take the entire day, and naturally, all participants would have to be shoeless. There would also be knitting.

So ... can I have two Leap Days?

Meghan's Leap Day:

An extra day to do whatever I wanted, consequence free? Is taking over the world an option? No? Okay then, Plan B...

My extra day would consist of a leisurely morning. Lay about in bed for awhile, then get up and have a nice breakfast consisting of a big, strong cup of black tea and a bagel toasted within an inch of it's doughy life. Then I'd lounge about on the couch and watch old movies with my father. Maybe some of my favorites, like The Thin Man, Hatari! or It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. After the movie was over, I'd go upstairs and watch cartoons with a giant bag of M&Ms to eat. Then it would be book reading time. Oh, the books I would read. I'd pile all of my fuzziest blankets on the bed and read there for hours. Did I mention I'd stay in my comfiest pajamas all day? That goes without saying, really.

Of course, this is only if world domination is off the table. Plan A would be a strategic take over of the world and the placement of myself as Supreme Empress. I'd be a fair and just ruler, I promise. Well, you know, fair enough.

Megan's Leap Day:

An extra day for absolutely anything?  I know how mine will start.  I will wake after sleeping in ready for a morning of pampering.  It'll be cupcakes and champagne for breakfast while a makeup artist makes me look stunning because as soon as I step out the door 

a musical will spontaneously begin all around me.  I don't mean a flash mob.  I'm talking about a full on Disney quality showstopper with singing, dancing and possibly Josh Jackson and the rest of the Fringe cast shooting a follow up to Brown Betty on location in San Francisco.   Of course, because this is the perfect extra day, I will actually be able to sing on key.  It will be glorious.

Then, as the sun is setting over the ocean, I will spend the late afternoon sipping a cocktail at a table next to the water in a swanky restaurant with my family, laughing at all of the ridiculous things we sang about.  Everyone wishes they spent more time with the ones they love and I'm not letting this extra day go to waste.

Of course, that evening you better believe I'm heading back to the set of Fringe.  You never know when they'll need a last minute femme fatale to play opposite Peter Bishop.  Treat yo'self!

So, how will you spend you extra day?  Share your fantasy of the perfect 24 hours in the comments!

*Leap Year (or Leap Day) is an extra day tacked on to the month of February once every four years and is meant to sync our calendar year with the time it takes the Earth to travel around the sun one full revolution.
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  1. Sleeping in for sure. Then making an actual breakfast. My husband and I taking the dog for a walk. Lunch on the grill, reading outside in the sun. Then spend the afternoon writing.

    Sounds like what I really want is just a weekend in the summer. :)

  2. Sleeping in for me too - it's such a rarity for me these days. OK, for the past 6 years or so. :)

    A beautiful day outside, a cool drink, comfy chair and my favorite books. And someone else cooks.