Thursday, February 9, 2012

Some of Our Favorite Guest Posts from Year One

Can you believe we were lucky enough to get an excerpt of Stacia Kane's next book?!?
We've been really lucky over the past year to have a number of incredible posts written by guest bloggers.  Some articles have come from family and old friends while others have come from new friends, our readers.  Though the topics varry, each post has two things in common.  Every single one of the contributions was incredible and each reminded us how lucky we were to have all you wonderful, funny, and thoughtful people as friends.

Here's a sample of the awesome guest blogs we've had the honor of posting during Year One.

Dating While Geeky by Danielle K.

When should I tell him about my love for Harry Potter?

This is one of the great questions when you’re Dating While Geeky. We’ve had two great dates, and we’re in the middle of our third. So far we’ve talked about work and Mac computers and wine and the great city we live in. He asks me out for Saturday. But it’s our annual Harry Potter Birthday Party. I’m in a Meetup group that celebrates it every year. I have had it on my calendar for months. We’re going to play Quiddich. I’m going to eat the creative HP-themed cake one of our members makes. I’m going to try to hide from Harry Potter charades. And I’m going to make silly jokes based on spells when my drink is across the room from me. Accio drink!

How Magical is Your Negro? by ita

Look to your left. Look to your right. How are those darkies doing? Are they in any way remarkable? Almost as remarkable as you are? You have a problem, after all, a quest, a deed that needs doing, and those coloured people—they have skills that not only help you on the way to solving this problem, but they help you become the best person that you can be as you do so.

On your journey, you're going to be a better person for having said Negroes at your side.

How Nook Haters Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the eReader by Wyndes
I understand e-reader hate, I really do. Paper books feel right. A nice hefty hardcover, the smooth-coated cover of a stylish trade paperback, even the soft fuzz of a cheap mass market – they all have their appeal. E-readers, on the other hand? They’re plastic things that you plug into a wall. Eh. Where’s the style in that?

But I love the Kindle anyway. Love it passionately, in fact. Love it so much that when Laurie emailed me and asked if I wanted to write a guest post about why I love my e-reader, I said, um, yes, please, absolutely, thank you. Tomorrow fast enough for you?

A bunch of you just stopped reading. Yeah, yeah, I can hear you thinking, I know, convenient and lightweight and variable text-size for tired eyes and the downloads, oh, the ease of the downloads. But no, none of those are the reasons why I love the Kindle. (Although, I admit, that variable text size? Really nice late at night.)

No, I love my Kindle because I believe it’s saving publishing. Real publishing. Interesting, innovative, creative, diverse publishing.

 True Confessions: I'm a Geek Mom by Kindle-aholic

I wish I'd used ThinkGeek to register for my baby shower. I mean look at these superhero onesies - pure awesomeness. I found these after my own had outgrown the onesie, but they are tops on my list of gifts for expectant parents (especially those of the geeky persuasion).

It's true, I am a Geek Mom. I've always been a geek, so it's really not all that surprising to anyone who's talked to me for 5 minutes. I'm much more likely to drop the kiddo off at school in my Wonder Woman t-shirt than a twinset, and I make sure there is at least 100 feet between me and any Nicholas Sparks books at the library (I live in the real world, I don't like to read about it). I have to say it's a bit lonely being an out and proud Geek mom, at least in my neck of the woods. Want to discuss the latest from Ilona Andrews or Cherie Priest? My options are sadly limited in real life. Of course, there are plenty of closeted geeks, furtively reading their YA dystopian novels at home, but they are elusive and hard to spot in the wilds of the local park, mom's group or school function.

S4 Exclusive: An Excerpt from Stacia Kane's Next Book by Stacia Kane

Chapter One

Had the roof over her head not been a broken mess, shredded insulation and pieces of tile dangling like the rotting innards of the living thing it had once been, she wouldn’t be getting hit on the head with cold droplets of water at odd, annoying intervals.

That would have made her happier. Or at least not quite as unhappy. Nothing could have made her particularly happy at that moment, when she was about to wander down a dark hall where a ghost lurked, and hopefully manage to freeze it before it sliced off her head or stabbed her or whatever the hell else it planned to do. The odds of a ghost in this corpse of a building not having a weapon were—well, there were no odds at all. Only the dumbest ghost on the planet wouldn’t have found some sort of weapon in this ramshackle palace of destruction, where her boots sloshed through a good two inches of foul water, broken glass, metal shards, pulped books, and who the fuck knew what else.
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