Thursday, February 9, 2012

Paper Rules!

by Kindle-aholic

I’m so happy to be a part of the Stellar Four anniversary! A Tweet from Stacia Kane about this cool Geek Girl blog first brought me here, and I’ve been a daily reader ever since. I’m beyond thrilled that I get to post here too. Stellar Four has made me laugh, made me think, made me addicted to Etsy, made me angry (not at them, but at other folks’ dumbassery), but above all else, made this Geek Girl feel at home. Thank you Megan, Meghan, Sara & Laurie, and all of the Stellar Four readers too.

On to the theme of the week: paper.

Books and writing are never really far from my mind, so it’s no surprise that my thoughts leapt to journals. I can’t remember not writing in journals. I probably have about fifty of them, some in bookshelves or my giant Mom-purse, and probably more than a few squirreled away in hiding places I forgot back in my childhood room. I do recall going through a phase where I wanted to be the Nostradamus of my time, so I wrote a whole bunch of cryptic weird crap in a couple of journals, thinking that “someday someone will read this and think I was psychic.” I think it was during my early teen fascination with the Time Life Occult series. If Mom ever finds those it will be an interesting phone call.

Childhood fun and games aside, I still usually get my ideas out in journals or notebooks first before I type a word on the computer. There’s just something about scratching my words into a page that both stirs the imagination and at the same time is calming for my mind. Maybe it’s because of all the time I’ve spent having to type at a computer, when I write on paper it feels more like something I’m doing for myself first. No one will see it yet, it’s just me and the words. Actually, the first draft of this post was written in my little black & white Composition notebook. My journals have become my sketchpad for future posts, stories, whatever is on my mind. They are pretty well loved. I take them with me to the park, to soccer games and gym classes. On gloriously fine days I sit in the yard and write while the kiddos play. I think I might have given them the journal bug too. The kids have their own notebooks (I think they’re up to about 4 each at least) filled with drawings and now with my oldest, her own words.

Of course, I couldn’t write a post about journals without perusing some of the homemade goodies on Etsy. Here’s just a couple (I had to stop myself – I loved too many).

This just speaks to me on so many levels. 

Zombie Love by birdandpeacock - $14

It was hard to narrow down my favorite one here – there’s also Dr. Who, Indy, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc. Brilliant. 

Monty Python Recycled Notebook by Momsmedia - $8

This just looks comfy. And I like the quote. 

Not All Who Wander Are Lost by inblue - $14

The pages!  I love the pages!

Steampunk Journal by Keilantra - $30

OK - this is more pricey. It might take me longer to write in it, waiting for the right inspiration, but I'd love to have it on my shelf.

Enchanting Extra Large Journal by Reimagined - $65

OK - this one is more money than I would ever spend on a journal, but it lights up!  They also have an Eye of Sauron one, too.  It's art you can write in!

The Journal of Industry by artbug - $285

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  1. "... the Nostradamus of my time." HAHAHAHAH! I forced my parents to buy me those Time Life Mysteries of the Unknow books whenever I found them at the used bookstores, too! I think I still have 'em somewhere.

    1. I spent a couple of days trying to have an out of body experience (they had a meditation process to follow). Never worked out. I had some very trippy dreams after reading those, though. :)