Wednesday, February 22, 2012


It's no surprise to anyone who reads this blog that I'm deliriously head over heels for Rachel Aaron's series about charming thief Eli Monpress and his friends. My devotion was tested recently, as a novella was released that was a back story to one of my favorite characters, Miranda. She is fiercely loyal, intelligent and completely bad ass. Friends, I wanted to read that novella more than anything. I'm addicted!

Imagine my intense soul-rendering disappointment when I discovered the novella was available only as an e-book. I was devastated. Only as an e-book?! Why, oh dear god in heaven, why?! Why have you forsaken me, Orbit Publishing? You give me some of my absolute favorite books, and then you do this to me?

There was nothing else to do. With a heavy heart and much bitching on Twitter, I downloaded a Kindle app for my computer and bought the novella. The taint of having an e-book reading app on my computer made me even more wary of the technology and I fought with it to make it behave. Finally, I could relax (as much as you can at a desk with a laptop) and read.

I was immediately glad I had made an exception for this novella. The world that Rachel Aaron created came rushing back to me and I barely thought about anything except the story. It was fantastic! Miranda lit up the page and kicked ass in about twelve different ways.

The novella focuses on Miranda, a much younger one than we meet in the Eli Monpress books, and how she became partners with her ghosthound Gin. It was a fascinating look at Miranda. I can't reveal much without spoiling it, but I have to say I loved every word. Even if each word was digital. It also made me even more desperate for Aaron's next Eli Monpress book, coming out this summer.

So, am I going to get a Kindle now that I've embraced one e-book? HAH! Over my dead body! It was still an incredibly uncomfortable way to read a book and it's truly a testament to the quality of Aaron's storytelling that I didn't just give up and wait for it to be released in print one day.

I think that is the best review I can give any book. I loved it so much I read it as an e-book.   
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  1. Reading on a computer for any length of time definitely is uncomfortable but reading on a Kindle is not (it is actually easier than most books because you don't have to give up the use of one hand). If I didn't have a Kindle, however, I could see being annoyed that a book is only available in an ebook form.