Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Laurie's Favorites From Year One

When Megan asked us to make a list of our favorite posts from year one, I was like, "Well, how do I narrow it down, when I'm so awesome?" And modest? Heck yeah.

I decided to pick one rant, one video game post, one book review, and one 'miscellaneous.'

The Origins of the Slave Leia Costume

This is probably the best rant I've ever written because I was the most pissed off. Every time I saw a gal in that metal bikini, I'd think, hey, did you know that Leia murdered the creature who put her in that getup? She wasn't like, "Gee, thanks, guy, for putting me in a slutty outfit and using me as a sex toy!  I really appreciate that." When some of our geek mavens started going on about how empowering the costume was, I felt compelled to point those critical things out. (Yep, still choked about that.)

When women say that they hide their gender in video games, it makes me mad/sad for a plethora of reasons. We shouldn't have to, first and foremost, and it irks the shit out of me that some women have been badgered to the point where they feel like hiding is the best option. But at the same time, we're more equal in games than we've ever been before. Articles that make it sound like women must be fearful little mice before the onslaught of The Terrible Male irk me even more. We still have a long way to go before we're seen as equals, but it's not like the men don't abuse each other, too. Let's take the cesspit that is Xbox Live out of the conversation - monkeys flinging their own poo can't be expected to be civil to men or women.

The Tragedy of Immortal Love

You know all those paranormal romance where The Immortal Monster changes from his monstrous ways and learns to be human for the woman he loves? This ain't one of 'em. This series of books explores just how an immortal monster doesn't change - in fact, he can't - and how that changes his mortal lover, instead. The endless misunderstandings, the complete bafflement of both partners, and the ever-increasing danger make this one of the most compelling series I've ever read. This book isn't a romance, but it most certainly is a story about love. The Dante Valentine series will break your heart and change the way you feel about every paranormal romance you've ever read.  Plus, it has demons, psions, and flying skateboards? Hell yeah. Go get it.

The Mantis Wrangler

This is a story about insects and the people who love them. Mainly, my mother. When an entire egg case of preying mantises exploded on my mother, she did not freak out. In fact, she carefully walked over to her garden and shook the teensy tiny mantises out onto her plants. Over time, they grew and had their own mantisy version of Survivor play out. This is the story of those who voted the others off the island.  There is, of course, a tragic end to this tale for one of our heroes
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  1. I LOVE THE MANTIS WRANGLER AND THE SEQUEL! I don't even care if it's weird to go all fangirl on two posts about mantises. It cracked me up.