Wednesday, February 8, 2012

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Steampunk Inspired Pocketwatch Stationary Set with Key Envelope Seals - $15
Would it come as a shock to tell you I'm a tad old fashioned? Me, with my frank distrust of e-readers, my love of steampunk? Another old fashioned thing I love is writing a letter. I am huge into pretty stationary, beautiful cards and fancy pens. I even have special sealing wax. Every year I do my hardest to find the most epic Christmas cards I can.

Since it is our first anniversy here at Stellar Four, I've decided to showcase some of the most awesome, most beautiful, most fun stationary on our favorite site, Etsy. Maybe this will inspire you to pop a letter in the mail and send a warm note to someone close to you!

Best Friends Forever and Ever Mini Letter Writing Set - $14.50

Vintage Airships Envelopes - $8
OMG Stationary Set - $12
Harry Potter Distressed Spells Stationary Set - $10
A Formal Affair Stationary Set - $7.50
Doctor Who Quote Stationary Set - $40
Yours Truly, Stationary Set - $10
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