Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekend Reading

by Laurie K.
Looking for something to read this weekend? Auntie Laurie's gonna help you out, friends!

First Grave on the Right, the debut novel from Darynda Jones, is one hell of a read. In the first three chapters I laughed, I cried - and I put the Kindle down to go make sure there was at least one more book in the series before I got any further into the first book. (Fortunately, Second Grave on the Left is also in print.)

Charlotte Davidson is a private investigator who liaises with the police to help solve homicides. Charley can see dead people, probably because she's a grim reaper - the Grim Reaper, in fact. She's all gold and sparkly to ghosts and they are inexplicably drawn to her. (This can lead to awkward moments in the shower.) When three lawyers are murdered on the same night, they come to Charley to help them find out why - and put their murderer behind bars.

I loved this fresh, fun urban fantasy and I feel certain you will, too. Charley's smart, funny, and relentlessly upbeat, even in the face of serious trouble. Her best friend Cookie is hilarious and is the kind of best friend you only wish you had. While there are a lot of laughs in this book, it's also sad as hell in places, which is all sorts of awesome. Basically, this book kicks ass and I suggest you hop on over to ye olde book store and get it ASAP.
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  1. This was a fun one - good mix of the funny and the serious. I still need to read book 2.