Monday, January 2, 2012

Sweetest Lilo & Stitch Cosplay

by Megan S.

Lilo & Stitch is by far my favorite Disney animated movie. It's the story of a strange little outcast girl, Lilo, living in Hawaii with her sister and her best friend, an intergalactic criminal and alien named Stitch. In the film, the small ragtag family must take on bullies, former CIA agents and Galactic Federation agents in order to remain together. The movie is definitely not one of Disney's more popular ones, what with it's complete lack of princesses and mostly Elivs Presley soundtrack, so it's rare to stumble across pop culture references.

Then I found the sweetest Disney cosplay ever...

It's so cute I can barely stand it.  Even the positioning of the little girl's fingers and feet are perfect.  Don't believe me?  Watch the movie below and see for yourself.  (Oh and if anyone knows where the image above originated, let me know so I can link to the creator.)

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  1. I agree that is the cutest ever ! I wish I had dress my daughters up like that when they were smaller, they both love Stitch and Lilo. Thanks for sharing that, it brought happy memories.

  2. Aww! Thank you so much for this. My daughter and I are very happy that you enjoy her cosplay! If you're interested, I'll be putting up the rest of the pictures we took sometime (This shot was actually only supposed to be for her grandmother, to show off her Halloween costume. Guess that backfired, hm?) to our DA. <3