Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Songs from our Favorite Shows or Movies

You know that song that played in that episode of that one show? Every time you hear it, that scene starts in your head and you sort of re-watch it in your brain. You tear up because it was so sad or you smile because it was so happy - or you shake your head because everything started to go wrong just as the song's opening notes started. You'll never be able to hear that song again without being brought back to Sunnydale or Mystic Falls or Capeside or... Well, you get the picture.

Here are three of my favorites: (Warning! Potential spoilers in some of these scenes).

The Vampire Diaries - Skinny Love (Cover) by Birdy

After the fall out of Season 2, it's time to bury the dead. Every time I hear this song, I tear up remembering Elena placing flowers on her parents' graves and Damon putting on a brave face. (Beware! Season 2 spoilers!)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Full of Grace by Sarah McLachlan

What is with season 2 finales? Buffy saves the world at great personal cost and can't handle the aftermath. She leaves Sunnydale for Los Angeles where she can just be someone else for awhile.

I couldn't find the end scene (which is weird? failed by the internets?) so here's a link to a generic lyrics video with the song and some blurry images.

Dawn of the Dead - Have a Nice Day by Stereophonics

The camera pans out over a beautiful morning.  The sun is just rising and the world looks peaceful.  There's a cheery song playing and it seems likely that today will be just lovely. Too bad zombies are coming to eat your face. Have a nice day!

What are some of your favorites?
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  1. Great songs. One of my favorites is from One Tree Hill: "Feel This" which is originally by Enation.

    And From Vampire Diaries: Jason Walker's "Down" (omg that song is so my two MC's atm.)

    1. "Down" is one of my favorites. I have like 30 songs from TVD on my iTunes. I'll have to make up a playlist.

      Curiously, I don't love the season 3 music as much. I wonder if they changed... music dudes? I wonder what that title is called.

  2. The first two that came to mind were theme songs. The first is by Dido and and the second is by Paula Cole. Ah, good times.

    1. I've randomly heard the Charmed theme on the radio. Who knew that was an actual song?

  3. First song that comes to mind is 'Let the Sun Fall Down' by Kim Richey from Buffy - I can't recall the episode, but the song was perfect and stuck with me.

  4. R.E.M.'s Its the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
    Always brings me back to the beginning of ID4

  5. "Daddy’s Gone" by Glasvegas -- it's from the episode of Season Two Chuck where he discovers that his dad is Orion, and is forced to leave him behind with the bad guys.