Saturday, January 28, 2012

SciFi House Party Gone Awry

Not sure where this originated but it's awesome.  Can you name all 30 (including ships and animals!) 30 geektastic television references in the party gone awry?

Thanks to Rachel for the tip!
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  1. I LOVE this image! Stilll couldn't find an official artist credit, but I think it originally showed up here:

    Scarily enough, I think I only missed two of these. TWO.

  2. OK, I give. Who's the guy on the couch with the folder? Is the black cat Salem from Sabrina? Is Buffy staking one of the Vampire Diary guys? What's the beagle's name?

    Also, props to my husband for gently informing me that the blue guy in the corner was Tobias Funke and not Dr. Manhattan, as I initially thought.

    1. It took me a minute to recognize Tobias, too. It was the never nude jean cutoffs that tipped me off.

      The guy on the couch talking to the cheerleader is your fave Jeff Winger. The hint is the anus/school logo on the folder.

      Buffy is staking Bill from True Blood.

      My guess is that it's Salem.

      Don't know about either dog, though. Someone mentioned the two tone one might be the Jack-Russel Terrier from Fraiser. The Golden could be Walt's dog from Lost but that wouldn't make sense since Lost is already represented by Jack. Can you think of other geeky shoes with animals?

    2. Gasp! I've lost all credibility as a Joel McHale fan/apologist, haven't I? And of COURSE he's chatting up a cheerleader.

      I assumed the Golden was Vincent, and J and I also wondered if the little dog was from Frasier, although that's neither current nor geeky.