Friday, January 6, 2012

My Kindle Fire is Dressed to Impress

I just discovered a love for Kindle skins, and my long-suffering feline life partner assists me in showing off this new obsession. This one is called Wicked and I got it on Amazon, but there are a zillion of them on Etsy, as Sara pointed out to me the other day.

Useless pretty things? A world of yes!
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  1. Does yours lay flat around the edges? I bought mine from Amazon (BundleMonster) and it flips up at each edge. It's been holding up great, so I'm happy, but I wonder.

    I've never seen anyone else with one. I know so few people with Kindles IRL.

    This looks totally awesome on the black case. I have an old Kindle, and it does NOT look as cute.

  2. It's perfectly flat on the back with no flip-up at all but it's a little lumpy on the front because it took me 97 tries to get it on there correctly (and I'm not 100% happy with it). It's SO hard to get it to line up straight along the edges, and if you are too fierce with it, the vinyl stretches.

  3. Mine did the same thing. I finally said Good 'Nuff and was done. It helps that I have a cover that co-ordinates and it makes up for some of the wonkiness.

    Love the personalization. I wish e-readers came in different colors.