Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Le Internet Medley

I love the internet and I love internet memers. Memes are one of the things that make the internet great. They're funny, irrelevant and a huge inside joke to those in the know. While a cheerful looking golden retriever on a colorful background is meaningless to people who don't spend hours on message boards, interact addicts will instantly recognize him as Advice Dog, heroically giving the internet bad advice since 2006. Memes are like a whole other language on the internet, a striking visual cue. When someone posts a picture of a smirking stick figure, you know exactly what they're doing.

As someone who cut their internet eyeteeth in hives of scum and villainy like IRC and 4chan, I've always loved and embraced internet memes. They're irreverent, frequently hilarious and a pillar of the internet community. Even if you aren't a total internet addict like me, you can probably name a few favorites. Perhaps a lovable cat with a Poptart body being hurled through space farting a rainbow or a very surprised looking prairie dog?

What's even better than internet memes? Internet memes with music! Since the dawn of the internet, when someone decided to make a page featuring "dancing" hamsters, music has played a vital role in making the very best viral memes. Who can forget (no matter how hard we try) Rebecca Black, Keyboard Cat or "Chocolate Rain"? Music and memes make the internet go round.

A band who loves memes even more than I do have created what is now the absolute BEST and most epic video on the whole internet. In under four minutes, they beautifully showcase over forty of the best viral jokes the internet has to offer.

Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the national anthem of the internet.

The band is called the GAG Quartet and they have created a song and video called "Le Internet Medley". With astonishingly wonderful skill, they gleefully blast through a medley of the most memorable internet moments. From dancing rage faces, to bouncing awesome faces and flying Nyan Cats, it is the most awesome thing I've ever seen. It truly is the national anthem of the internet. What makes it so good is that they are exceptionally talented musicians and have amazing comedic timing. Putting on a troll face as you play "Never Gonna Give You Up"? Genius. I can't describe how joyful it is when they bust out "Dragostea din tei" while they dance and frolic with O RLY? owls and badgers.

I won't ruin all the memes and jokes in the video and I encourage you to try and find all of them (protip, it's hard). Post in the comments which ones you do recognize and which ones leave you scratching your head. If you like the song, and you will, purchase it on iTunes so this amazing band can continue their amazing work.

I really do love the internet sometimes. Memes! Memes for all!
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