Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Feed Your eReader

So, you got a new eReader for Christmas. I bet you even have some Amazon or B&N gift cards to spend, too. Fortunately, publishers have figured this out, too, and there are a lot of ebook price-drops going on right now.  Much like a crack-dealer handing out first-time cheap fixes, your Auntie Laurie is gonna hook you up with a list of affordable ebooks to get you started on your new addiction.

Red-Headed Step Child by Jaye Wells

Sabina Kane is half vampire, half Mage, and all badass assassin. A despised half-breed, Sabina has found a semblance of acceptance in doing wetwork for her vampire grandmother. Sabina is soon forced to choose between the vampires who've exploited her and the Mages who she's never met. After spending her life being made to feel grateful for any scrap of affection, she's out of her element when she suddenly finds herself with a demon familiar, and, even stranger, friends.

I love this series. Sabina is a great character, all dark and broody, but she's forcibly lightened up by her demon familiar, Giguhl, who takes the form of a hairless cat when he has to go incognito. It's really hard for Sabina to be too grim with Giguhl's goofy sense of humor and hilariously inappropriate commentary.

$2.99 Nook Book|$2.99 Kindle Book

Holidays are Hell

Featuring stories by Kim Harrison, Marjorie M. Liu, Lyndsay Sands, and Vicki Pettersson, this urban fantasy anthology is sure to help you get over your post-holiday stress.  Get your Rachel Morgan fix, a story set in the Zodiac series, and a couple of stand-alones from Liu and Sands. All in all, a great read and you can't beat the price.

$7.99 Nook Book|$1.99 Kindle Book

(HarperCollins smokes some crack of its own for not dropping the price on both Amazon and B&N.)

Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey

James Stark's enemies weren't messing around when they decided to get rid of him. They murdered his girlfriend and sent him straight to Hell - literally. Eight years later, he crawled out and was all about finding the people who gave him that one way ticket. Seems he took the whole murder and damnation thing sort of personally.

This book reads like a Jason Statham action movie - in the best possible way. It's fast paced, violent, and dark. Folks who like Harry Dresden will enjoy this series, though Stark is a lot darker than Harry and the violence is more graphic. (Which for me is a plus.) Also, this is more proof that anyone with Stark as a last name is just fucked.

$0.99 Nook Book|$0.99 Kindle Book

Child of Fire by Harry Connoly

From Publishers Weekly:

Starred Review. Connolly's gritty urban fantasy debut is not so urban: it takes place in Hammer Bay, Wash., where residents are thankful for the toy factory that stimulates their economy and are apparently oblivious to the frequent magical immolations of local children. Convicted felon Ray Lilly works for the mysterious Annalise Powliss and the Twenty Palace Society, hunting down people who use magic and the otherworldly predators whose power they channel. Callous Annalise and hard-nosed Ray have a complicated personal history that gradually comes to light as the Society faces off against factory employees, local law enforcement and other corrupt forces in the town. Unique magical concepts, a tough and pragmatic protagonist and a high casualty rate for innocent bystanders will enthrall readers who like explosive action and magic that comes at a serious cost. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

This is one that was recommended to me by Sara N and k reads so I just picked it up myself.

$0.99 Nook Book|$0.99 Kindle Book

The Black Prism by Brent Weeks

Gavin Guile is the Prism, a position that is half religious leader, half master magician. He's in his last five years as Prism before he dies (no retirement plan for The Prism, I guess), and he has five great purposes he wants to achieve before his time ends. When Gavin discovers his bastard son, conceived during a massive civil war 17 years earlier, he has to decide how much he wants to risk for family.

This book is very complex in both its magic system and its political intrigue. It's sort of like George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire and Melanie Rawn's Sunrunner series had angry sex and Weeks's Lightbringer series is the illegitimate offspring. The magic system is very neat - members of the Chromeria bend light into various materials with color-based properties. I love the way Weeks uses the various materials and light benders.  It does seem a little too GRRM-esque in the piling on of complications, sometimes, but for those who like dark, complicated fantasy, this is a great book.

$2.99 Nook Book|$2.99 Kindle Book

This should get you started.  Go, now, and begin reading, my ereader brethren!

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  1. Dear Auntie Laurie,
    Thank you so much for aiding in my kindle addiction. I always have a hard time keeping up with special pricing. I had gotten the Orbit email (and bought all of them). I agree that Harper Collins must be smoking something to have the Nook price still regular price.

    Thanks again,
    your niece Melissa

  2. .99 cent Nook Books!?
    Nara, Away!


  3. I've heard good stuff about the Sandman Slim books and at that price I can't resist trying the first book.

  4. Jaye Wells is amazing-- I have the paperback of Red-Headed Step Child and loved it...her witty banter and kick ass fight scenes are amazing.

    Holidays are Hell was one I read a couple years ago and it was really good too.

    The others I haven't read yet...I have Sandman Slim on my kindle already, but haven't gotten to it yet:(

  5. Brenda, do you follow Jaye on Twitter? She is hilarious. She's one of my absolute favorites.

  6. Laurie-- Yeah, I do. I always thought I was pretty good at sarcasm and snark until Jaye. She is the QUEEN! I love her:)