Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fanciful Fairytale Frills for Food

by Megan S.

In Spring, a young woman's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of... flower fairy tea parties?  Look, I'm done, D-O-N-E done with the holidays and winter.  I just want it to be Spring already so when I saw cupcakes covered in edible crowns, dragonflies and more by Sweet Deja Vu on Etsy, all I could picture were May Day themed garden parties with brightly colored satin ribbons and being surrounded by talking fuzzy woodland creatures and kind-hearted pixies with laughs like the tinkling of bells.

What? I've got an active imagination.

Anyway, if you're sick of winter or just like the idea of decorating your sweets with delicate edible crafts, you'll love these.

and just because it looks so cool...

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