Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Key

You know how I said last week that steampunk was dead?

I was wrong. Etsy has proved me wrong. Thank god. It seems steampunk has more lives than a half-mechanical cat on an airship.

Reaffirming my faith in the genre is Silver Owl Creations over at Etsy. They create some of the most beautiful and intricate steampunk jewelry I've ever seen. I am flabbergasted by the level of detail in every single piece. The metalwork is exquisite and the colors are fabulous. Each piece is a delirious joy to look at.

Join me after the jump to look at some other gorgeous pieces of jewelry from Silver Owl Creations!

Winged Serpent Wire Wrapped Key Pendant - $52
Brass/Green Crystal Victorian Drop Earrings - $20
Colorful Wire Wrapped Key Pendant - $45
Firebird Wire Pendant - $68
Steampunk Winged Key Pendant - $58

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