Monday, December 12, 2011

The Girl on Fire Inspires Some of Fashion's Biggest Designers

by Megan S.

by Charlotte Ronson

InStyle magazine's online site recently asked a number of well known fashion designers to offer their own interpretations of Katniss Everdeen's most iconic costume from Susan Collins' Hunger Games.  While some of the results look more like runway versions of Jean Grey's Phoenix, a number of 'em are pretty hot.*  Charlotte Ronson's take is definitely my favorite of the bunch (not only is it the most attractive, but the inclusion of Katniss's bow and arrows slung across her back makes me think Ronson actually read the book.)  However, Rachel Roy and Joyce Azaria's** get honorable mentions for their awesome interpretations of the Girl on Fire. Vote for your favorites in the comments!

*If you think I made that childish pun on purpose, you're right. 
** Azaria's looks like a grownup version of Drew Barrymore in Firestarter!

by Christian Siriano
by Tommy Hilfiger
by Rachel Roy
by Tadashi Shoji
by Nicole Miller
by Christian Cota
by Erin Fetherston
by The Blonds
by BCBGeneration's Joyce Azaria

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  1. I love Joyce Azaria's version, too. The 'normal' part of the dress is a little too conventional for my taste, though.
    And Christian Cota's costume is fabulous, I think. I love the way the colemine-suit is fire-themed as well.
    Tommy Hilfiger seems to have spent two minutes on the design...

  2. I'm voting Rachel Roy. I like the mockingjay symbol on the boots, it's a nice touch. I love the braid on Nicole Miller's version, though.

  3. I'm for Nicole Miller, mostly because it comes closest to the way it's described in the book. But I also adore the fire-cloak on Christian Cota's, so I'm a little torn...

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