Monday, December 26, 2011

From the Mouths of Babes

by Megan S.

Meet Riley. She likes pink stuff, superheroes and, from the looks of it, Fred from the Scooby Gang. She does not, however, like the fact that girls are only encouraged to like pink stuff instead of superheroes and boys are discouraged from liking princesses. While it isn't clear if her rant was coached by a loving parent or not, it really doesn't matter because what the kid says is the truth: children shouldn't be deterred from playing with toys geared toward another gender.  Riley may still be learning how to print her ABCs, but knowing that everybody should be allowed to play with superheroes and princesses means she's already a fabulous geek girl.

So, what were your favorite toys that weren't targeted to your demographic? I loved my Hot Wheels, He-Mans, GI Joes and, of course, my Star Wars action figures.
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  1. haha,I just love her outrage. She's just boggled by this bullshit.

  2. Atta girl! I think I may have had a similar tirade when I was her age. I loved my transformers and GI Joes when I was little.

  3. Awww, her first geek rage rant!! I loved my building blocks and now me and my nephew play with some action figures that he created.

  4. I loved He-Man, GI Joe, Scooby Doo (and not just Daphne), VOltron, Go-Bots, Transformers.

    My kids just discovered He-Man & She-Ra. My daughter prefers He-Man becuase he has the better line (she spent an hour running around the house yelling "I have the power!") and I think she'd rather have Battlecat than the flying horse.

    The boy watches He-Man and She-Ra interchangeably - they both have swords so he's happy.

    Both kiddos are obsessed with Legos, cars, and building stuff. Now, the girlchild does prefer everything pink and sparkly. Do they make a pink lightsaber? Maybe we could bedazzle it.

  5. I loved my aquarium best because it was the first item I purchased with my own money. Maybe not a toy really, but it was all mine, and I kept it maintained and picked out everything that was inside it. I was fascinated by the concept and my fish.

    Next up would be books and art supplies.

    Last would be paper horses I made myself. I kept them on a bulletin board and made up stories for them.

    I allow my sons to pick their own toys, but they've all three gravitated towards things with wheels, balls, and ANYTHING they can build with. They adore their Legos! I consider the Legos pretty gender neutral. Crayons are a pretty big hit in these parts too. I have never pushed dolls and stuffed toys on them since they don't show any interest, but they like their play kitchen. It is just NOT as cool as building elaborate train track configurations. Now if I offered to cook with them, there'd be no contest.

    I wish there were more strong girl toys, but I do think that many of the toys offered fit what kids like. It's less a marketing ploy to organize us by gender than it is a lack of better offerings so there is more variety. It's as if they see item A selling well so they make 20 clones of it and put only that on the shelf for 30 years.

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