Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Fright Before Christmas

My mother has a holiday collection of felt animals from a brand called Annalee Dolls. Mostly, they're harmless felt mice and deer although the ones shaped like people are truly frightening. She has several dozen of these she puts up around the house once Christmas time comes around.

Mostly, I ignore them. Some are even cute.

One haunts my nightmares and wants to suck out the marrow from my bones.

Behold, the felt cannibal gingerbread men!

I can't stop shuddering. They are so creepy. With their dead, staring eyes and their malicious open mouths, just waiting to eat my flesh. And they're standing on a cookie tray, as if they're freshly baked... to KILL.

My parents think it's hilarious how creeped out I am by the gingerbread men. They don't realize the sadistic, evil killing machines that sit right in the living room! If I go missing, you'll know who did it! Evil, demonic felt gingerbread men from Hell!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good fright...
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  1. Gack. It's looking at me and it's... hungry.

  2. Those are terrifying. My grandma collected dolls - she had some from the early 1900s up through all of the Star Wars action figures. Those old dolls and marionettes - I still get goosebumps thinking about her collection room. Whenever I had to get something in there I would run in and out trying to evade their notice (but I could feel their eyes on me).

    My dad had to stay in that room while he recuperated (in his late teens/20s) - I think that's why we had no creepy dolls at our house. He was more than a little traumatized.