Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Trees for Book Lovers

Instructions at Real Simple
by Sara N.

I've recently been charmed by online photos of Christmas trees made of books. For bookworms who love Christmas (which I suspect is a healthy segment of Stellar Four's readership), this is a magical combination.

Here are images of trees made from as few as one book and as many as ... OK, I'll be honest, I didn't count all the books in the biggest trees. But we're talking at least two sets of encyclopedia volumes here.

Enjoy this literate Christmas display!

At James Cook University Library in Cairns, Queensland (via Flickr)
Put your built-ins to good use (via Boing Boing)

At Delta College in Michigan (via MLive)
Make your own (if you can bear to cut up a book) (how-to at Instructables)

At the library in Exton, Pennsylvania. (via the Association for Rural and Small Libraries)

This prompts me to ask two questions. First, how stunning would my collection of paranormal romance and urban fantasy paperbacks be as a Christmas tree? And second, how long would it take my cats to knock that sucker down?

(Answers: So very stunning, and two hours.)
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