Sunday, November 27, 2011

Skyrim vs Star Wars: The Old Republic

by Laurie K.

Yeah, I know.  Massively multiplayer online games can't have the same level of graphics as single player RPGs.  They have to be dumbed down so that the most players possible can load them on the crappiest PCs imaginable.  You also don't want to smother people with video lag when players congregate.  I get it.

But, you guys... It's really, really hard for me to go from this... that.

Watch them both in 1080p.  The difference is profound. 

Hell, even World of Warcraft looks better and more refined than SW:TOR.  (I tried to find a sample WoW gameplay video but they all have a ton of yapping overlaying them.)  

This makes my little gamer heart sad. :(
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  1. I must admit.. I'm in the SW Beta as well.. And I couldn't drag myself away from Skyrim..

  2. On my PC I'm sure they'd look the same. =D

  3. You can't compare these vids....Skyrim is trailer footage and SWTOR is Smuggler footage...try Jedi Footage vs. Skyrim gameplay footage...much sweeter...Skyrim story will put you to slow and lame...and the dialogue for Skyrim is 3rd rate...written by mostly ESL Asians most likely...when I became the head of the thieves guild it just happened...bad cut scenes...SWTOR is way more fun than silly Skyrim...not to mention the horrible PC port...if you want to get something out of your inventory or switch weapons it can take you as many as 50 key commands to equip just 1 bad...unacceptable...

  4. People I have not played SWTOR yet but Skyrim rules. You have to try this game especially if you like RPG. There is such a depth in this game that I have not seen for a long of time. And the battles with the dragons are best......

  5. I disagree this is not a skyrim trailer. It is the actual thing. Believe me I have played the game!!!!!!

  6. This is the in game engine speeded up. Skyrim looks and plays exactly like this. I have it on xbox and a high end pc and it looks fantastic on both. There should even be a command prompt to allow free ranging camera for the pc