Friday, December 2, 2011

Geeky Gift Ideas: TARDIS E-book Covers

by Sara N.

Let's face it: Your e-reader is a bit like a TARDIS. It's a lightweight piece of technology that holds thousands of books. Ergo, it's bigger on the inside.

With e-readers dropping in price and becoming more ubiquitous, this may be the year that you give (or receive) a Kindle or a Nook for Christmas. So why not wrap it in a familiar blue telephone box?

The Internet is full of instructions for knitting a cover, or crafting it out of fabric and old books. And non-crafty types will also find a few covers available for purchase.

DIY Covers

Eveywiechert made this Kindle cover from an old book and a felt piece. Instructions are here.

Keeperofqkeys knitted this cozy for the Nook or Kindle by adapting Swallowed by Sky's pattern for TARDIS socks, which is available on Ravelry.

Nook users: Here's a cover trekkiesara made with an old book and blue suede-ish fabric. Instructions are here

This Kindle cover is made by re-purposing an old notebook. Emilexicon has step-by-step instructions.

Ready-to-Buy Covers

Etsy seller joevleather has a lovely Kindle cover styled to look like River Song's diary. It's sold out, but perhaps your fervent email pleas will move him/her to make another one.

Another etsy item, this one an iPad cozy from MyFunkyCamelot. This crafter has tons of Doctor Who-inspired merch, including Adipose iPod covers and Dalek wine bottle covers and skirts (!).

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  1. I just bought mine from Joe V. Leather and I have to say the craftmanship is by far the best I have seen, especially on the Tardis. I also asked them about their inventory, they just put one online but they have a huge stock of them, order at will :)